SecureChannel uses its proprietary AI based Virtualization Technology to ensure that applications are secure from all angles. Its multi-layered, pro-active, pre-fact, and self-learning security layers assures high security.

Virtualization Technology

The only way to entirely protect applications from any kind of known and unknown threat is by making all data dynamic, private, relative, one-time use and short-lived.

SecureChannel's proprietary virtualization technology access risks based on relativity technology and then virtualizes all data, including device data, application data, route data, user authentication, and business data. This Virtual Images are highly dynamic, private to the user, relative to the environment, one-time use, and with a life of a few seconds.

Virtual Data, along with proprietary Virtual Id technology, Virtual Application technology, Virtual Certificate technology, Virtual Dynamic Private Network technology, Virtual Key technology, Virtual User technology and Virtual Signature technology give very strong protection against all threats. None of these components can be influenced either externally or from the app.

In case of a threat, the generated image can not be validated, hence the request is rejected.

This makes it virtually impossible to tamper any device or application, steal, modify, re-route, and reuse any data. Thus, providing a highly Secure Channel between the client and the server.

SecureChannel's proprietary virtualization technology makes it almost impossible to steal and reuse the stolen credentials. It gives an unbreakable tampering protection. This technology also makes it practically impossible to change data and resubmit it.

Virtual Device Id

A dynamically generated device id, which is neither derived from any device property nor are stored anywhere. This id can’t be stolen or substituted.

Virtual Signature

A private signature that is neither based on any external property of an object nor is stored in any file. Hence it or its attributes can’t be stolen. This signature can be created only by the original app owner and only on the original code.

Virtual Authentication

Based on virtual data technology, authentication data is dynamically generated. This data is time based, it changes every second, and has limited life. Thus, it becomes impossible to create, steal and/or reuse dynamic image of authentication data.

Virtual Data

All communication from the app is made using dynamically changing private data. This intelligent data is highly dynamic, private to the user, relative to the environment, one-time use, and short-lived. This is created by dynamically encrypting all data using dynamically generated client time-based encryption keys. Since encryption keys are dynamic and not available anywhere, it is impossible to change the data.

Virtual Private Network

A dynamic virtual private network is created before each server request. This ensures that data is private to the network. This data can't be stolen and used from any other device. Thus, it provides a very strong protection from data re-direction and also from channel theft.

Virtual Certificate

A dynamic virtual certificate is created which ensures communication only with valid servers.

Virtual App

This dynamic virtual image of the app allows strong and precise tracking of attempted changes of the device and app properties.

Virtualization Engine

Virtualization engine running at the server generates complimentary encryption keys and decrypts the received data. It further validates the decrypted data to give a very strong authentication. It ensures that the device or application is not tampered, data is not stolen or modified or re-routed or reused at any point.

High Performance Server Technology

SecureChannel's high-performance server technology - based on complex in-memory processing, real-time in-memory data synchronization between multiple servers, asynchronized processing, distributed processing and many more. Thus, giving very fast response for a complete end-to-end transaction even at a high transaction volume.

These servers provide all high end functionalities like load balancer, auto failover, DR, auto-bypass, database optimizer, performance monitoring tools, analytical tools, reports, alerting tools, etc.

Real-Time Risk Engines

Most risk engines get very weak data for them to detect threats. They are mostly post-fact engines and may require manual attention. These engines can't detect fraud if proper data is fed in unauthorized way. In the absence of these engines catching and alerting, it is assumed that all are safe, giving false security sense.

With virtual data feed and high end in-memory based server technology, SecureChannel's multiple strong, real-time and self-learning risk engines can evaluate risks at a real-time and pre-fact basis.