Rogue/Fake app, the mother of all threats. It can be created in hours and be distributed to masses through social media. Once a user downloads and uses it once, he/she becomes a permanent victim. Using these stolen credentials, the thief can repeatedly misuse the user’s account without the organization and without the user realizing fraud.

Apart from the rogue/fake app threat, there are many other threats which can severely compromise business.

All currently used technologies, checks, and protections can be broken by changing just a few lines of java code, even if a C++ module is used. For a thief, the time and the effort spent on bypassing protections will not be a deterrent as the probability of distributing a rogue app and further misusing it remains exactly the same.

SecureChannel Virtualization Technology is the only known technology that can provide comprehensive protection against the rogue/fake app and all other threats.

Mobile Security Solution - Features

Feature Comparison

SecureChannel provides comprehensive security, covering almost all known threats.

Feature SecureChannel All Other Solutions
Rogue/Fake App detection
Remote Desktop Program detection *
Detection of reverse engineering
Prevention of Authentication data phishing
Business data theft protection
Device authentication *
Anti-tampering protection *
Channel security *
Virtual Private Network
Malicious code detection
Encryption Key stealing protection
Rooting/ Jail-break / Emulator/Simulator detection *
Root detection bypass framework protection
Integrated real-time risk/fraud engines

How We Stand?

SecureChannel focuses way beyond anti-tampering, device authentication, and channel security. The main objective is reducing the probability of carrying out a fraudulent transaction to zero. With SecureChannel, breaking of security requires physical possession of user's mobile device and carrying out device specific cracking within a second. This is not practically impossible.

All Other Solutions SecureChannel

They can't prevent phishing of user, device, app, and network credentials required for successful authentication.

It prevents phishing of device, app, and network credentials required for successful authentication.


All security checks are based on static external properties and static code which can be easily obtained, modified, bypassed, fooled, substituted, etc.

Breaking of security requires physical possession of user’s rooted mobile device and dynamic cracking of C++ module, within a few second. This is practically impossible.


They can't prevent app modifications. Anti-tampering check can be broken easily.

It prevents creation of a modified app. Nearly impossible to break anti-tampering check.


Once broken, ALL users of ALL organizations can potentially become victims.

Individual user’s mobile requires cracking. This is not practical.


They cover only limited threats.

It covers a wide range of threats.


Once anti-tampering check is broken, it is very easy to carry out fraudulent transaction.

Virtually impossible to carry out fraudulent transaction.