Cybernet Security Solutions is in the business of designing and developing proprietary cyber security solutions. It is lead by dedicated team of technical entrepreneurs.

About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to build strong, user transparent, and simple cyber security solutions that a common consumer can afford.

Company Overview

Cybernet Security Solutions is in the business of designing and developing proprietary cyber security solutions. Over the period we built a totally integrated and end-to-end application security solutions addressing each and every threat in a strong way.

SecureChannel from Cybernet Security Solutions focuses on total threat prevention and real-time risk management. It is a multi-layer and totally integrated solution that addresses every security aspect of an application using proprietary virtualization technology. It provides strong, pro-active, simple and cost-effective end-to-end online security using a single integrated product. SecureChannel supports all application like web, mobile, and client device.


Surendra Tulsyan, an expert in cyber security is Founder and CEO of Cybernet Security Solution. He is innovator of virtualization technology. He has over 32 years of professional experience in design & development of complex, high risk and high visibility technology solutions. Some of his fortune 100 clients include NASA, Coke, Lucent, GE, Fuji Film, Compaq, Holiday Inn, PETsMART, Lenova, HP, etc. A graduate from ICT, Mumbai and post-graduate from NITIE, Mumbai is a serial entrepreneur who sucussfully ran many businessess.

Ashok Wathore, an expert in data science, machine learning, and natural language processing. He has over 36 years of IT experience in the field of data science, software development, project management, and quality management. Mentoring and high performance team building has been the prime areas for him in the recent times. He has earlier worked in the senior management positions with Tata Consultancy Services, Citi Bank Saudi Arabia, and Polaris Financial Technology. A graduate from IIT, Mumbai and post-graduate from NITIE, Mumbai with deep knowledge of BFSI domain.

Arvind Patil is a seasoned entrepreneur and investor with business interests in several parts of world. With his cross domain knowledge and experience of setting-up and running businesses, he is providing strategic and marketing direction to the company. His professional career expanding over 27 years with wide variety of experience ranging from enterprise applications, supply chain to legal expertise in businesses set up. He is a graduate of VNIT, Nagpur and post graduate from NITIE, and also holds LLB from ILS law college.